Electric Hammer Drill

SDS Plus Electric hammer drill

Used for drilling construction stone.

Material: 40 Chrome steel and YG8C carbide tip
Flute type: Single flute and double flute ( S4)
Professional Heat treatment
HRC: 47-55
Use for Concrete, stone.
Tip: "-" tip and "+" tip
Shank type: SDS PLUS shank and SDS MAX shank
Dia Size: 4-30mm  Length Size 110-1000mm
Packing: PVC bag, plastic tube,hanger and so on.

Employing high quality alloy steel for drilling body and tungsten carbide for drilling tip, and in combination with various types of electric hammer. The drill is one of the most efficient tools suitably and widely used for hole drilling in hard materials like concerte and brick in construction & installation industries. Available in sandblast, bright finish,
black oxide, brown color etc.  
Species Specification Specification Specification Species Specification Specification Specification
Dia X Length (mm) Dia X Length (mm) Dia X Length (mm) Dia X Length (mm) Dia X Length (mm) Dia X Length (mm)
SDS-PLUS 5X110 12X160 18x350 SDS-MAX 10X280 22X340 32X600
5X160 12X210 18x400 10X340 22X400 32X800
5.5X110 12X260 18x460 10X400 22X505 32X1000
5.5X160 12X310 18x600 10X505 22X600 35X280
6X110 12X350 18x800 12X280 22X800 35X340
6X160 12X400 18x1000 12X340 22X1000 35X400
6X210 12X460 20x210 12X400 25X280 35X505
6X260 12X600 20x260 12X505 25X340 35X600
6.5X110 12x800 20x310 14X280 25X400 35X800
6.5X160 12x1000 20x350 14X340 25X505 35X1000
6.5X210 14x160 20x400 14X400 25X600 38X280
6.5X260 14x210 20x460 14X505 25X800 38X340
7X110 14x260 20x600 14X600 25X1000 38X400
7X160 14x310 20x800 16X280 28X280 38X505
7X210 14x350 20x1000 16X340 28X340 38X600
7X260 14x400 22x210 16X400 28X400 38X800
8X110 14x460 22x260 16X505 28X505 38X1000
8X160 14x600 22x310 16X600 28X600 40X400
8X210 14x800 22x350 18X280 28X800 40X505
8X260 14x1000 22x400 18X340 28X1000 40X600
8X310 16x160 22x460 18X400 30X280 40X800
8X350 16x210 22x600 18X505 30X340 40X1000
8X460 16x260 22x800 18X600 30X400 42X600
10X110 16x310 22x1000 20X280 30X505 42X800
10X160 16x350 25x210 20X340 30X600 42X1000
10X210 16x400 25x260 20X400 30X800 45X600
10X260 16x460 25x310 20X505 30X1000 45X800
10X310 16x600 25x350 20X600 32X280 45X1000
10X350 16x800 25x400 20X800 32X340
10X400 16x1000 25x460 20X1000 32X400
10X460 18x210 25x600 22X280 32X505
10X600 18x260 25x800


12X110 18x310 25x1000