Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

14PCS Bi-metal hole saw kit with Blow box

Item No.: BY17-00514
M42 HSS Bi-metal Hole saw
The use of high-quality raw materials, a wide range of applications.
Apply to metal, wood, plastic, gypsum board, etc.

Product Description

14 Pieces Bi-metal Hole Saw Kit
Product Features:
An advanced deep-cut style that enables its wider application on any type of material
It is a complete performance kit of hole saws complete with it's own carrying case
Box with carrying handle delivers portability and jobsite durability
What in the Box:    
        Hole saw sizes
       2"( 51mm),2-1/2"(64mm),2-11/16"(68mm),3"(76mm)
       2 pieces of Arbor (1/2-20UN)(5/8-18UN)
       1 Extension lever