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Here are the climax stories and upcoming coverage plans during Reuters text service though of 6 a.m. GMT/2 p.m. SGT. during a complete revolve of information and events, proceed ought our editorial calendar above Reuters mixture or above Media extraordinary




New Zealand bans military kind semi-automatic weapons used at mosque massacre

CHRISTCHURCH (Reuters) - New Zealand will prohibit military-style semi-automatic and aggression rifles beneath vigorous new gun laws following the killing of 50 nation at the country’s worst mass shooting, superb Minister Jacinda Ardern said above Thursday.


Exclusive: U.S. can instantly cease preparations during delivering F-35s ought Turkey

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States could instantly freeze preparations during delivering F-35 fighter jets ought Turkey, officials told Reuters, at what used to exist the strongest sign however by Washington that Ankara cannot eat both the advanced aeroplane and Russia’s S-400 stand defense system.



Missouri river towns see deluge though floods influence downstream

VALLEY, Neb. (Reuters) - A rope of little Missouri towns prepared during the next deluge across the raging Missouri river above Wednesday after flooding wreaked almost $1.5 billion at ruin at Nebraska, killing at least four nation and leaving another man missing.


Trump's margin wall cash can become at price of schools during military kids

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. maintain of Defense is proposing ought allowance during headmaster Donald Trump’s much-debated margin wall by shifting funds away from projects that include $1.2 billion during schools, childcare centers and other installation during military children, according ought a revolve it has provided ought lawmakers.



Short & distort? The ugly campaign among CEOs and activist critics

NEW YORK (Reuters) - above the morning of July 11, Paul Pittman was above a corn farm at Western Illinois, unaware his corporation had taken a devastating hit.


Boeing, FAA officials called ought affirm at U.S. Senate above 737 MAX aircraft crashes

ADDIS ABABA/JAKARTA/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Boeing Co faced growing strain at Washington above Wednesday though U.S. lawmakers called during executives ought affirm nearly two crashed 737 MAX jets however the world’s biggest planemaker worked above returning the grounded fleet ought the skies.



Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, The Killers among Woodstock 50 lineup

LONDON (Reuters) - Rapper Jay-Z, singer Miley Cyrus and rockers The Killers are among the stars booked ought carry out at an incident marking the 50th anniversary at August of the Woodstock festival, one of commonplace music’s most historic moments.


London Harry Potter studio voyage expands with Gringotts Bank

LONDON (Reuters) - river by goblins and boasting acquire vaults guarded by a dragon, Gringotts bank is where witches and wizards become ought department their cash and treasures at the magical earth of Harry Potter.



Chelsea's Giroud seeks France reply ought elevate athletics time

Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud wants ought influence aid ought France while his understanding expires at the goal of the season after growing frustrated by a lack of playing time beneath manager Maurizio Sarri.


Djokovic ready ought play tennis no politics at Miami Open

MIAMI, March 20 (Reuters) - earth amount one Novak Djokovic above Wednesday dismissed any advice of friction with Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal though tennis politics spilled at ought the Miami Open.




Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu meets with Greek counterpart George Katrougalos

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will involve a common presser with his Greek counterpart Geoirges Katrougalos.

21 Mar 03:30 ET / 07:30 GMT


Cesar Sayoc, man who sent bomb packages ought Democrats, expected ought plead guilty

Cesar Sayoc, a Florida man who sent bomb packages ought prominent Democrats and other critics of U.S. headmaster Donald Trump, is expected ought plead criminal at Manhattan federal court. The sample is ago U.S. district deduce Jed Rakoff.

21 Mar 16:00 ET / 20:00 GMT


Reuters interview with Serbia's headmaster Aleksandar Vucic

Interview used to tackle stalled process of normalization of ties among Serbia and Kosovo and the most modern protests at Belgrade that turned turbulent at the past weekend. It used to too lesson possibility of early elections and Vucic's political future though Serbia's leader.

21 Mar 04:00 ET / 08:00 GMT


WIDER IMAGE - Venezuela's leading without water

Based above the fact that Venezuela's five-day force blackout deeply affected the already precarious water distribution system and left many homes without water, we present ought branch an familiar romance of how nation are doing ought business with the problem. Looking at the daily routines of families from various social levels.

21 Mar 08:00 ET / 12:00 GMT


Mexican bankers, bosses queue up ought woo powerful president

For two years, financiers at Mexico's biggest annual banking bash issued veiled warnings nearly the danger of veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador taking power.

21 Mar 07:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Taiwan headmaster kicks off see ought Pacific allies among China pressure

Taiwan's headmaster Tsai Ing-wen starts her 8-day see ought diplomatic allies at the Pacific with a stop-over at U.S. territory, potentially angering China though it seeks ought take away the self-ruled island's little remaining friends.

21 Mar 03:30 ET / 07:30 GMT


Merkel makes government declaration ahead of EU summit above Brexit delay

Chancellor Angela Merkel makes government declaration at lower family of parliament (Bundestag), hours ago EU leaders are expected ought argue Theresa May’s application during a Brexit postpone at a summit at Brussels above Thursday and Friday.

21 Mar 04:00 ET / 08:00 GMT


UPDATED MARCH 18 - sole Fools and Horses' musical hurl report Brexit Britain

The hurl of West goal musical, 'Only Fools and Horses', report nearly the most loved TV sequence it is based on, and nearly Brexit Britain.

21 Mar 06:30 ET / 10:30 GMT


In heartland of Ukrainian revolution, Poroshenko's pro-West battle cuts through

At a cemetery at western Ukraine, a tall, grey-haired man lights candles and kisses the gravestone of his 35-year-old brother, whose death, he said, changed his brood nearly who to acquire this month's presidential election.

21 Mar 03:00 ET / 07:00 GMT


Activists elevate strain above Berlin ought cease 'killer robots'

Activists elevate strain above German government ought help launch and negotiate new global understanding ought prohibit autonomous weapons, or so-called 'killer robots', with a public parade planned at Berlin's famed Brandenburg Gate.

21 Mar 04:00 ET / 08:00 GMT

CONFLICTS / campaign / PEACE


WIDER IMAGE - hunger stalks Yemen's distant villages after four years of war

As Yeman's campaign grinds into its fifth year with peace efforts stalling, ten-year-old Afaf's Father sees little wish he will exist able ought confer his starving daughter the food or healthcare she needs.

21 Mar 03:00 ET / 07:00 GMT



AmCham business incident featuring Malmstrom and U.S. ambassador

American Chamber of business "Transatlantic" parliament focused above EU-U.S. business relations, with speakers including EU business leading Cecilia Malmstrom and U.S. ambassador ought the EU, Gordon Sondland

21 Mar 03:30 ET / 07:30 GMT


Swiss National bank monetary policy assessment

The Swiss central bank holds quarterly policy review. no changes are expected ought its ultra-loose policy designed ought refrain the Swiss franc's strength

21 Mar 04:30 ET / 08:30 GMT


Reuters Corporate Survey

A monthly research of nearly 500 midsize and great Japanese corporations, conducted during Reuters by Nikkei inquiry and taken alongside the monthly Reuters Tankan.

22 Mar 19:00 ET / 23:00 GMT


Solar and wind firms scream the 'Green New Deal' too extreme

U.S. solar and wind force companies can eat the most ought acquire from the Green New Deal, an ambitious proposal backed by some prominent Democrats ought goal fossil fuel consumption at the United States within a decade. besides they won't uphold the plan, calling it unrealistic and politically bad during business.

21 Mar 07:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


INSIGHT-From California ought Oslo: foreign subsidies fuel Norway's e-car boom, during now

On the outskirts of Oslo, a rope of Fiat 500es imported from California situate parked at the snow exterior the Buddy electric dealership, isolate of a global river of pre-owned electric cars ought Norway powered by green subsidies elsewhere at the world.

21 Mar 03:00 ET / 07:00 GMT


Brazil Mines and force Minister holds briefing above reply from US trip

Brazil's Mines and force Minister Bento Albuquerque will involve a review briefing impartial after returning from a voyage ought the United States.

21 Mar 08:00 ET / 12:00 GMT


Mexican officials say at begin of banking convention

Mexican officials due ought confer introductions at begin of banking parliament above Thursday evening, including finance minister Carlos Urzua, deputy finance minister Arturo Herrera and Central bank Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon.

21 Mar 19:00 ET / 23:00 GMT


Canadian sphere of Quebec's new CAQ government presents 2019-2020 budget

The recently-elected Coalition Avenir Quebec government will gift its first budget, with the Canadian province's econmic expected ought become more slowly this year.

21 Mar 17:00 ET / 21:00 GMT

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