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Introduction of woodworking drill.

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Update time : 2017-10-21 15:32:19
Accurate drilling technology is the first to learn in woodworking technology. Modern technology has made it easy to finish. The traditional bit is a twist drill. The wood can be drilled out of hole with drill. Holes can also be produced by scraping the flat drill. It is specially designed for power tools.
There are holes saw, aircraft drill, hole opener and so on, modern drill bit brings you a lot of convenience.
Electric tool drilling
Electric drill is one of the earliest electric tools.
Then, the curves saw, circular saw, belt grinding machine and other tools are derived. It's hard to imagine a modern carpenter working without an electric drill. A hand drill can also be easily mounted on a drill rack to provide precise positioning and verticality.
Most electric drills use drill chucks to tighten the drill bit. They are distinguished by power and clamping range, such as 500W, holding maximum 10mm or 13mm.
The advantage of flat drill is that it can open large holes: usually 6mm to 38mm holes can be realized.
Flat drill can only be operated with very little torque, but some people say it is only suitable for ordinary precision drilling, because it will distort the wood fiber. However, it has been widely used.
Prefabricated hole drills are usually not large in size (less than 6mm). There are also special prefabricated hole drills, such as hinge drill, which are used to drill the preformed holes in the installation of the hinge / hinge.
Electric pistol drills are becoming more and more popular, although they are less powerful than ordinary drills. They have the advantage of portability and ease of use, the voltage between 3.6 and 24V, and they are low risk power tools.
The fastest charging time can even reach more than ten minutes. They are suitable for long time field work or work in a humid environment.
The drill chuck is also replaced with a fast drill chuck. And they can also be used as electric screwdrivers. With some attachments, they can expand more uses.
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