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Comparative advantages of pneumatic tools and power tools

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Update time : 2017-09-09 17:01:06
1. according to the weight to volume ratio, the output power is large, in the same output power, than the power tools smaller and lighter.
2. there is no overload fault even if the pneumatic tool is overloaded. The tool is only stopped, once the overload is removed the phenomenon to restore the normal operation of the tool is no effect, any fault will not occur; and if the electric tools work overload, fever, and even burning motor, high maintenance costs, affect the operation schedule and work efficiency. Serious will also threaten the safety of the operator's life.
3., use and maintenance simple, connected to the gas source can be used, daily use to the tool intake port with two drops of sewing machine oil, air compressor, multi drainage.
4. strong water resistance, although the immersion tool is harmful, but not like electric tools that are deadly; explosion-proof structure unique, because no spark. So it can be used in dangerous places, such as coal mines.
5. speed regulation and output power adjustment is simple, through the operation of the air supply valve handle and adjust the control valve can be simply carried out, you can also adjust and control the gas supply source.
6. save energy and reduce costs. Equipped with a standard gas source in an industrial shop, multiple tools can be used for simultaneous operation.
7. long life, high safety. Because it is a device using air compressor to provide compressed air power source of energy for the working of the electric tool leakage does not appear like beating phenomenon, will not produce sparks, can be in any place at all, will not pose a threat to the environment.
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